Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Symphony of Love

Sometimes in life we're faced with dilemmas.

When I blogged: Should we cling on to luxury beauty ideals? Braces or not?, one of the girls and I were trying to find out how we thought about the way the orthodontist almost forced her to get fixed braces. Something was withholding us, and that day we were aware that talking about braces in a time of recession isn't quite right when you're not experiencing physical problems.
We decided the money was far better spent on other things, like lifesaving treatment for babies.

The first comment was from Symphony of Love and even though I don't know the commenter, the kindness I've found in her blog radiated through her comment.

Symphony of Love is written in Singapore, but the subjects she blogs about are close to my heart.
When reading I feel that people all over the world are connected and the world will be a better place when we all give our best.

The quotations that are used in the blog are very inspiring, and it's well worth to join the mailinglist and get a love quote in the mail each day.
And maybe you want to download Symphony of Love: a Pictorial eBook of Love Quotations.
It's such a lovely gift for each and everyone of us.

When you click the links under the header you'll find out how the idea of the eBook was born.

The archives reach back to 2006, so there's enough to read and learn. But most of all there's a lot to keep with you to think about.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm on Twitter

Because Today leaves entrecard users in the cold, I decided to go to Twitter, so there's an extra and easy way to stay in contact with the friends I've made the past months.

I don't join networking sites often, because they're highly addictive and the contacts are swift and superficial.

What made me chose twitter and not another networking site was...don't laugh, the news last week that medical students were able to follow surgery on twitter.
I'm always happy to find some extra education, so....

You can find me here:

See ya!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to the planet of Alicia

Until about 5 years ago I was able to remember almost all dreams.
But now I'm in 99% of the nights not even able to touch the feeling I had during a dream.

This week I was surprised by a very colourful dream, and I remembered it well.
Not long after writing it down I got a reaction from a collegue psychologist and autism-mom at the other side of the world.

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) from Welcome to my Planet.

I think you should visit her blog.
You're already told you're welcome, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Alicia has a great way of observing her life and the way she writes about it, full of smiles and humor, makes me want more. Far more.

I'm not going to tell you more, because you have to read her blog firsthand.

She wants to be a writer. All I can do is encourage that full heartedly.
Have a go at it, girl!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beading and beads

When I was at high school my best friend was a very creative and original person.
We shared a lot of hobbies. From music and singing to making our own clothes and accessories.

We even made our own beads, which we used on dresses, bags and everything else that could deal with a bead.
Even our studybooks had a ribbon with a bead as a marker.

Some of the beads we made ourselves.
Papier maché was perfect, because it was easily made and didn't cost a penny.
The sticks were we made the beads on were given to us by her grandmom, the glue was always available in the shed, either at her place or at mine.
My father gave us the paint we needed.

I want to make beads like that again with my daughters.
The glue is on the table right now.

I'm on internet now quite some years, but only the last year I landed on sites where people show glassbeads.

Hours and hours I've spend admiring what they've made themselves.

Some are real artists. They make art in the purest form and their beads are one of a kind, so a precious possession for everyone who has one.

Because I won a bead in a contest I am one of the lucky ones.

Unwrapping the bead made me travel through time and it was like my fried was beside me, telling what I could do with the little colourful item.

Because I have more access to additional beading items than I had when I was young, I've made myself a very nice pendant which I either wear in a coloured leather string, or a silver chain.

Life goes in circles.

How Happy I am that this circle is closing.

I wish my friend could be here to see it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sedruola Maruska's Yarn Obsession

When I wrote "To stop to drop? Quality sites or quality time." I soon realised I was not alone with my thoughts.

Sedie from Sedruola Maruska's Yarn Obsession commented first.

I noticed her blog a while ago while surfing.
One of my sons was using my fingerless gloves I'd put aside for bagpiping outside, so the fingerless gloves Sedie made in a lovely fuchsia color caught my eyes immediately.

Sedie taught herself how to crochet.
Now she's able to make the most wonderful items, including neckwarmers which are one of a kind.
Because she ships all over the world her blog got my full attention.

When you love to work with yarn, or you want to wear something special, you sure should visit her etsy site and her free patterns page.

I'm sure we'll see lots of new items during the next months because Sedie is very creative and talented.

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe for her newsletter which will issue it's first edition in May.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Teena and It's all about me!

Ofcourse I could have taken one of the other posts to create my first item of commentlove, but I just decided to wait who would comment first on my answers to one of the best memes: Manic Monday.

I wasn't surprised to see Teena from It's All About Me! commenting first.
She's a regular and most valued commenter, who always brings a smile from Canada.

Her site is always a pleasure to be.

Teena doesn't only love to participate in memes, but she also writes lovely lightfooted posts and serious bookreviews.

Her musical review about Married Alive! made me want to see the performance.
I guess I have to wait until it arrives here.

Before that I'm sure Teena has directed my attention on something else.

Thanks Teena!!!
I'm still working on the layout...

Welcome to Blogback Time


The way everything is prone to commercialising these days made me think about a way to thank the visitors to my blogs without third parties making money out of our efforts (mine to write a post and the other to comment.)

So I decided to do something completely different than putting my commenters in the sideline.
They're more worth than a name.

So here I go.

First commenters to a post are secured of being mentioned here, either with a description of their blog, or about a post they've written.

My frequent commenters will be surprised once in a while.

Here you'll also find what caught my attention on internet.

You won't find copied texts, so those who are celebrating with a tremendous amount of texts and links to their sponsors...I'm sorry. (Google doesn't like copies anyway.)

Nor is this blog meant to advertise for commercial sites.
I think it's only reasonable that you pay for an advert.

And now it's blogback time!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

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