Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good, True and Beautiful

Yesterday a whole swarm of fruitflies invaded our kitchen.
I was just about ready to hang another curtain in front of the door to keep the bugs out when they saw their chance.
And you know, when they are in the house, you might as well give in, feed them and raise their kids. Ugh!

I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly...again... put all edible things in boxes, took care the boxes were clean on the outside too and sat down with a cup of coffee, all red and not happy with the weather.

Time for a meme.

So I sat down, wrote my post about organising the new schoolyear, and had a quick look through all the submissions of the enormous amount of participants.

My eye was caught by a post of Sharon, who worte about a way to get rid of...yep...fruitflies.

So off to her blog I went.

It's called: Good, True and Beautiful and it's fun, inspirational and a good place to be.

While grasping the apple vinegar, I smiled, because she makes croutons the same way as I do.
Her blog is a mix of posts which bring a smile to each mother's face (Oh yes, I remember shopping with 2 children.... imagine with 6 little ones. LOL!), post which are informative and post to make life less of a financial burden. (Sorry for the clever hiding words...but I don't want Google to outrank me below zero.)

With other words, a blog that should be on your blogroll.

Thanks Sharon, for your blog and the good tip against fruitflies. It works!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inconsequential Logic

After I put a blogpost online about the terrible behaviour of a family member after my brother in law died, Blog Queen from Inconsequential Logic wrote the first reaction, thus deserving a mention at this blog.

I landed on her blog at a post called: Remember when...
The photo took me straight into my childhood.
I loved watching TV like that and one could see as many legs at the home of a friend.
They had 4 girls and 2 or three boys, a huge livingroom and a dog like a cow I wasn't afraid of.

Each week we gathered to see a talent hunt show for children.
It wasn't as rude as idols and all the other shows where people are send away like dirt.
Eacxh performance, however awful, was praised to a certain extend, so none would leave without ill feelings.
But the winner...well..he or she got the honor and was famous for a week.

Ofcourse we had our own daydreams.

One of us made it come true and she's one of the best actresses of our country.

Well, I can advice you to take your time and enjoy the blog of Blog Queen. Enjoy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Becca's sites

There are days I'm just too tired to blog, but it's like with dinner, there's always something to enjoy. So I'll answer a meme or surf around. (When my computer works properly, that is.)

Becca commented first at one of the memes.
She shared my feeling that friendship with people online is a real friendship.

I'm happy that Becca found me and I found her.
One of her site contains a huge list of contests and give-aways, called Becca's List of Contests.
Need I say more??

Her other site: Becca's Backyard is the place to be to read the answers to a great variety of memes.

On top today some quotes of Janice Dickinson, the biglipped self declaired first supermodel.
Well in my eyes she's nothing more than a bad dramatical act, but I don't want to offend anyone with my opinion.

At Becca's Backyard you can also follow her experiences with moving.
I hope all her dreams come true.

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