Monday, August 10, 2009

Becca's sites

There are days I'm just too tired to blog, but it's like with dinner, there's always something to enjoy. So I'll answer a meme or surf around. (When my computer works properly, that is.)

Becca commented first at one of the memes.
She shared my feeling that friendship with people online is a real friendship.

I'm happy that Becca found me and I found her.
One of her site contains a huge list of contests and give-aways, called Becca's List of Contests.
Need I say more??

Her other site: Becca's Backyard is the place to be to read the answers to a great variety of memes.

On top today some quotes of Janice Dickinson, the biglipped self declaired first supermodel.
Well in my eyes she's nothing more than a bad dramatical act, but I don't want to offend anyone with my opinion.

At Becca's Backyard you can also follow her experiences with moving.
I hope all her dreams come true.


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