Monday, April 20, 2009

to a comment from Jeremae on autism and school and short blogreview

As a mom of 4 autistic boys I meet all sorts of people.
I don't always blog about them, but sometimes my emotions need a blogpost.

One of the most recent walking disasters was described in Dealing with autism - the right persons needed.

Jeremae from Reviews and Resources was the first person to comment.

She wrote that her cousin was send to a normal school.
I’m glad he’s able to deal with that.
Many autistic children can’t.

She said the reason he was send there was so he wouldn’t think he’s different.

Being a mom of kids with autism, I know they are different and they need to learn as well as possible to deal with the challenges of society.
When his mom and family won’t accept him the way he is, how can he ever learn to accept himself?

Just a thought.

Jeremae's site is rather new.
19 posts in three months.
The blog is meant to be a review blog for herself, with views on all sorts of subjects.

We're waiting for more.


  1. i once saw a tv program which an autistic child man was interviewed ..he is really fact he can speak a lot from languages..hope that you have more love, patience and strength to take of your children...God bless! visiting my manic monday!

  2. Thanks for the plug Ms. Laane..
    Really appreciate it.. ^_^
    btw.. I forgot to mention it,
    as a follow comment of the person above me,
    I can really say that SOME autistic kids
    are really gifted.. maybe most of them...
    they are kind of a genius...

    sorry for tagging back so late btw..
    jeremae here.. ^_^

  3. I will check it out! Also I have an award for YOU!! Drop by my bloggy to pick it up.

  4. i posted instructions for knitting cables on my blog -

    I love your site by the way!

  5. No matter what the disability, a realistic view is the foundation for success. Those in denial struggle more; it's kind of sad.



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