Wednesday, April 8, 2009

call for a strike of entrecard droppers

To show the importance of droppers for the entrecard system.
To show we're no second rate entrecarders.
To show we want to have complete control over our own site.
To get equal respect for EC and money paid advertisers.
To prevent the decay of the system.

Don't link, but download the graphic(s) to your computer and upload them to your own site.
Thank you.

And when you want one of these on your site: go ahead:


  1. You've been Sited by Sited and Blogged. We will promote this for you today. Come by our site and pick up an "I've been sited" banner for your sidebar!

  2. Wow - what's going on with a strike? I read the post - still confused on the whole strike thing.

  3. I can't see the purposes of striking, just don't accept the ads. There's controls you can use.

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