Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm fooled by entrecard

An agreement is an agreement, isn't it?

So when I'm told I won't have advertisements on my site without my approval, I won't have them.

When I'm dealing with someone or some organization that is trustworthy I can rely on that agreement.

Then tell me which entrecard is displayed here:

I'm not against the blog. Not at all. I think it's a very nice one and interesting too.
But it's about the principle.

There's an advertisement on my site that shouldn't be there.
Because the top right one should be seen.

I don't like the way entrecard is dealing with the bloggers who made the system to a success.

It's a complete disgrace.

From topbloggers we've become a kind of second rate bloggers, that's the way how we're treated.

I'm sorry that the blog that was supposed to be the featured entrecardblog wasn't on the widget all day.

And I'm very angry someone agreed with me not to put unapproved squares on my site and did so.
not only on my blog, but on hundreds of blogs.
Just for a little bit of money!!!!!

Well, read more about it here.


Greetje has agreed to use her blog as an experiment on admitting money paid advertisements, so we can see what happens in detail.

Thanks Greetje!


  1. Laane, there may be a slight misunderstanding here. Now there are two parts, one part is for advertisers who bought ad using EC credits. Another part is for paid ads. I accidentally approved some paid ads when it first appeared thinking that they were the normal ad. But now EC has created a part whereby we can cancel the paid ads which we may have accidentally approved in the first place.

  2. Did you maybe accidentally approve it, not realizing you were approving paid ads? I did that.

  3. I'm torn on the whole thing. Glad to see I'm no the only one a bit uneasy.

  4. I'm just confused.

    I don't think it's fair for those who paid by EC credits and those who pay $$$ to share 50% of the ads time. It took me hours just to get a few clicks!



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