Monday, April 13, 2009

Free for download

Please don't hotlink, because you'll bring my site down.
And you'll end up with an empty space or an awkward picture,
because I'm changing the name of this graphic
on a regular basis.

So please dowload it to your computer
and upload it to your site.
Thank you.

requests welcome.

More info:
here and here


  1. Can you make one that says dropper friendly? it means that the blog only accept ec credits paid ads ,I saw it somewhere, but their button looks lousy (shhhhh,don't tell. :D )
    or I'm a Dropper Friendly or I'm a Friendly Dropper.
    then at the bottom if you can put my site name instead of keeping the system going. Thanks!

  2. These buttons are wonderful. I have put one on my blogs. Thank you!

  3. I put one on my blog too. But I've noticed people with these but they still have paid ads. When I refresh their blog I can tell there are paid ads. It's kind of frustrating that they show they don't have paid ads but in fact they do.

  4. Hello, once the paid ads on my site expire (I am no longer accepting any new paid ads), I'll swing by and grab one of your buttons.

  5. Thanks Much, got the widget and I'll make sure to link to this post so others can get their own as well.

    This is a great service indeed for the EC Community.

  6. I am compiling a list of like minded bloggers on my blog. You or anyone you know is welcome to be added!

    I'd love a badge which clearly states, "NO paid Ads here"




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