Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beading and beads

When I was at high school my best friend was a very creative and original person.
We shared a lot of hobbies. From music and singing to making our own clothes and accessories.

We even made our own beads, which we used on dresses, bags and everything else that could deal with a bead.
Even our studybooks had a ribbon with a bead as a marker.

Some of the beads we made ourselves.
Papier maché was perfect, because it was easily made and didn't cost a penny.
The sticks were we made the beads on were given to us by her grandmom, the glue was always available in the shed, either at her place or at mine.
My father gave us the paint we needed.

I want to make beads like that again with my daughters.
The glue is on the table right now.

I'm on internet now quite some years, but only the last year I landed on sites where people show glassbeads.

Hours and hours I've spend admiring what they've made themselves.

Some are real artists. They make art in the purest form and their beads are one of a kind, so a precious possession for everyone who has one.

Because I won a bead in a contest I am one of the lucky ones.

Unwrapping the bead made me travel through time and it was like my fried was beside me, telling what I could do with the little colourful item.

Because I have more access to additional beading items than I had when I was young, I've made myself a very nice pendant which I either wear in a coloured leather string, or a silver chain.

Life goes in circles.

How Happy I am that this circle is closing.

I wish my friend could be here to see it.


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