Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Blogback Time


The way everything is prone to commercialising these days made me think about a way to thank the visitors to my blogs without third parties making money out of our efforts (mine to write a post and the other to comment.)

So I decided to do something completely different than putting my commenters in the sideline.
They're more worth than a name.

So here I go.

First commenters to a post are secured of being mentioned here, either with a description of their blog, or about a post they've written.

My frequent commenters will be surprised once in a while.

Here you'll also find what caught my attention on internet.

You won't find copied texts, so those who are celebrating with a tremendous amount of texts and links to their sponsors...I'm sorry. (Google doesn't like copies anyway.)

Nor is this blog meant to advertise for commercial sites.
I think it's only reasonable that you pay for an advert.

And now it's blogback time!!


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