Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm on Twitter

Because Today leaves entrecard users in the cold, I decided to go to Twitter, so there's an extra and easy way to stay in contact with the friends I've made the past months.

I don't join networking sites often, because they're highly addictive and the contacts are swift and superficial.

What made me chose twitter and not another networking site was...don't laugh, the news last week that medical students were able to follow surgery on twitter.
I'm always happy to find some extra education, so....

You can find me here:

See ya!


  1. That is so cool about the surgery. Welcome to Twitter. I absolutely love Twitter and have quite an obsession. I am following you now.


  2. Oh how can we not laugh when that is the most hilarious reason I've ever heard for someone joining twitter. I have to say though, that it's great you might be the ONLY person who didn't join twitter to stalk celebrities or friends. Kudos friend!

    Happy monday!

  3. I love twitter and use it often. I followed you!



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