Monday, March 23, 2009

Teena and It's all about me!

Ofcourse I could have taken one of the other posts to create my first item of commentlove, but I just decided to wait who would comment first on my answers to one of the best memes: Manic Monday.

I wasn't surprised to see Teena from It's All About Me! commenting first.
She's a regular and most valued commenter, who always brings a smile from Canada.

Her site is always a pleasure to be.

Teena doesn't only love to participate in memes, but she also writes lovely lightfooted posts and serious bookreviews.

Her musical review about Married Alive! made me want to see the performance.
I guess I have to wait until it arrives here.

Before that I'm sure Teena has directed my attention on something else.

Thanks Teena!!!


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